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Congratulations to “Ball of Duty” for winning the 1st annual Step Forward DodgeBall Championships!



Step Forward is all about helping teens in all walks of life discover their passion.

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Step Forward Partners

1 day ago

Step Forward Kids

Due to weather, we will not be at Kula Cafe tonight. See you next week!
#EveryStepMatters #PassionDiscovery #kansascity #waldokc #tea #nonprofit #teens #coffeeshop #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #health #community #wellness #yoga #meditation
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Due to weather, we will not be at Kula Cafe tonight. See you next week! 
#EveryStepMatters #PassionDiscovery #kansascity #waldokc #tea #nonprofit #teens #coffeeshop #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #health #community #wellness #yoga #meditation

5 days ago

Step Forward Kids

Today we took the Kula Cafe project a step further. I didn’t start this project for them to just become baristas, I started it to educate and inspire them to be little professionals. They had a meeting today to learn about MADI Apparel and what their mission is and present the mission of Step Forward/Kula Cafe. They spoke with the owner about being a pop up at Kula. So fun to watch them and then to celebrate their success!
Look for a Madi Apparel pop up coming soon☺️
#EveryStepMatters #PassionDiscovery
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This is awesome!!

Such great stuff happening right there!!!!

Good job girls.

5 days ago

Step Forward Kids

Our first work out with some of the staff at Summit Ridge Academy. Thankful for my friend Darl and her willingness to come on board with the Step Forward program!
#EveryStepMatters #PassionDiscovery
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She's a great trainer!!!

Our Mission


Step Forward is a 501(c)(3) public non-profit after-school program that helps teens from all walks of life discover their passion. Some of the many outcomes of this “Passion Discovery” programming include nurturing creative expression, focus, business acumen, life-skills, community involvement, a sense of purpose, and a foundation of mutual respect.

Step Forward: After school, before it’s too late.

About Step Forward


Step Forward is all about helping teens discover their passion. Today’s world seems to narrowly define success for teens, but other than a small segment of athletically gifted, cosmetically attractive, or academically driven students, society tacitly implies that any other pursuits are second-class or somehow unimportant. Step Forward tries to fill this gap by showing teens a vast world of possibility and potentially unlocking hidden talents or interests. Our community-centric programming draws from professionals, local businesses, and volunteers to coach and mentor teens in a variety of opportunities related to the arts, creative pursuits, entrepreneurial concepts, and life-skills that motivate teens to “get passionate” about something with hands-on exposure, during what we believe is a critical discovery phase of each teen’s life. So just a few of the many multi-disciplinary Step Forward programming examples are music therapy painting, antique furniture restoration, recording-artist, farmer’s markets, sign-language, autism-care-givers, and much more.

Core Team and Board of Advisors


Carla Willis

Executive Director
Program Manager. Creative Director. Life Coach. Mentor. Passion for finding your passion.


Emily Heady

Advisory Board Member. Program Facilitator. Yogi. Production Coordinator. Marketing Manager. Life Coach. Passion for Peace and Balance.


Cynda Rader

Advisory Board Member. Entrepreneur. Real Estate Broker. Sales Guru. Company Leader. People Development. Published Author. Passion for Closing Deals.


Kevin Oldham

Advisory Board Member. Entrepreneur. Startup CEO. Creative Genius. Passion for Curiosity.

Board Members


Carla Willis

Mom. Entrepreneur. Driven. Tenacious. Dedicated. Passionate for serving underserved teens.

Jeremy Whitt

Board Chairman
Entrepreneur. Leader Behaviors Coach. Marketing Guy. Computer Guy. Behavior Scientist. Passion for Learning.


Troy Fordyce

Entrepreneur. Business-DIY Expert. Family-First-Focus. Passion for teaching life-lessons through sports.


Luis Fiallo

Entrepreneur. Business Executive. Community Development Advocate. Advisor to Corporate Executives. Passion for Advocacy.

The Coaster Club

Join the Coaster Club and support the Step Forward Kids! Enjoy fun and freaky parties or just some backyard chill at the Freaky Tiki! Lots of wild and wacky events planned for all our Coaster Club Members… And you get some awesome coasters!

$20 per month not only goes toward supporting a wonderful cause, it also gets you access to the Freaky Tiki and our Coaster Club events! Just download and fill out the form to have the donation automatically drawn from your credit card each month.

Coaster Club Signup

Download and complete the form.

Then text a clear image of the entire form to us at:
(816) 806-5126

Or fax a printed copy to: (866) 400-3371

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Contact Information

info@stepforwardkids.org     |     (816) 806-5126

 Lee’s Summit, MO

 Step Forward is an expression of The Net Giver Foundation, Inc.